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Bloodlines collects four remarkable stories from four exciting, new voices in the world of weird fiction. These tales aptly explore the horrors of family: a lesson on familial sacrifice, selfishness, and self-annihilation, our vulnerability to our close relations, the sins of the father manifesting in an all too concrete way, even after death, the effect family has on our reality—perceived and objective. Within these pages the reader is presented with the stark inevitability of family, the awfulness of family conformity, the terrible fact of where we come from and who and what we are. I burned through the thematically linked stories in Bloodlines—nodding, chilled and delighted. You will too! Don’t miss it!
—Jon Padgett, author of The Secret of Ventriloquism

Bloodlines is a terrifying journey into what it means to be family. From the impossible weight of parental obligations to the inevitable but horrific realization that all of us will be replaced one day, Winter et all manage to capture frightening family portraits that feel uncannily familiar. In the vein of The Relic and Hereditary the voices of Bloodlines capture just how disturbing and weird our families can be.
—Tyler Unsell, owner and Editor in Chief, Signal Horizon

Four memorable stories about the cruelty, betrayal, pain—and yes, sometimes love and tenderness—of family life.
—Christi Nogle, author of Beulah

If you’ve ever dreaded a family dinner, felt terror at the blood pumping in your veins; if you’ve ever thought maybe the people you call kin just aren’t quite right—Bloodlines will hold you in its thrall with its literary daring, blood-soaked wit, and taste for carnage. From quiet horror to caterwauling bloodshed, this quadruple feature is fun for the whole family.

A trio of sisters take turns sharing a migraine that challenges their pain tolerance—and sanity (“Our Migraine,” Christopher O’Halloran).

A man struggles with his inheritance when his absent father—and namesake—dies, leaving him with disturbing visions and an unwanted purpose (“Nos Da, Tad,” Antony Frost).

A young ghost watches a sinister family gathering complete with a prettier, smarter replica of herself—then, makes sure it’s their last (“I Am Not to be Replaced,” Carson Winter).

Following the death of his mother, the eldest of five siblings must uncover the true nature of his family’s strange, isolated existence while an apocalyptic event looms (“The Heads of Leviathan,” Alex Wolfgang).

This is where the family tree meets the family plot. This is Bloodlines.

Splinter and Other Stories

Splinter and Other Stories, the debut horror collection by Alex Wolfgang, follows the surreal struggles and fractured hopes of its ill-fated characters.

Two lovestruck travelers form a sinister bond. A man is given the power to liberate prisoners from their mysterious captors. A woman is plagued by visions of her childhood trauma. An alien entity discovers its true nature—to the detriment of a small community.

These ten short stories will horrify, devastate, and haunt you as they untangle their twisted realities.

Howls From Hell

Spacefaring researchers disturb an ancient horror. An enchanted object curses a grieving widow. A haunted reel torments a film student. A murder trial hinges on a chilling testimony.

In Howls From Hell, sixteen emerging horror writers pave the way for the future of the genre. Fans of dark and macabre fiction will savor this exhibition of all-original tales born from one of the fastest-growing horror communities in the world: HOWL Society.

This anthology contains my novelette titled Suspended in Light.

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